The Pegasus Awards


Roger Burton-West & Jodi Krangle

Pegasus Award

Award Year Category
2016 Best Exploration Song

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
2001 Best Filk Song


Copyright ©1995 by Roger Burton West and Jodi Krangle
Lyrics: Roger Burton West
Music: Jodi Krangle
Lyrics posted by permission of the author

The ship is untried and you say she can't fly,
The chances are good she will not reach the sky,
But she has to be tested for space is the prize,
If you think none will take her just look in my eyes.

So show me the gantry, give me the ship,
Give me the fuel and I'll go on that trip,
Now if I return you can say I was bold,
But my place is in space as the heavens unfold.

I know I may die, that I may not return,
But just strap me in and I'm ready to burn,
Wy life I will pledge if my life be the fare
For I need the long dark and the stars past the air.


If I live I'll be glad, but that's not why I go
For my heart is afire with the rockets' red glow
My body knows freefall though I have not been
To my home in the sky with the worlds never seen.


And if I shoud die in a bright burning flare,
Just take what you find and throw it in the air,
Don't weep for my death, don't ask why for ten years,
Just build one more ship, and ask for volunteers.

Final Chorus
So show us the gantry, give us the ship,
Give us the fuel and we'll go on that trip,
Now if we return you can say we were bold,
But our place is in space as the heavens unfold.


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