The Pegasus Awards

Steve Macdonald, DI HoF IF SAM



Pegasus Awards

Award Year Category Collaboration Song
2018 Best Song About Community   Many Hearts, One Voice
2018 Best Performer Twotonic  
2015 Best Adapted Song   Grabthar's Silver Hammer
2007 Best Dorsai Song w/ Steve Simmons Shai!
1998 Best Myth Song   Cold Butcher
1998 Best Performer    
1995 Best Filk Song   Journey's Done
1995 Best Writer/Composer    

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Collaboration Song
2022 Best Song That Tells A Story   Colin
2020 Best Space Song   Colin
2016 Best Performer Twotonic  
2015 Best Performer Twotonic  
2014 Best Adapted Song   Snitch Ball Wizard
2006 Best Performer    
2006 Best Battle Song w/ Steve Simmons Shai!
2002 Best Song That Tells A Story w/ Steve Simmons Shai!
1996 Best Spiritual Song   To Touch A Star
1994 Best Filk Song   Gather Day
1994 Best Performer    
1994 Best Writer/Composer    

A Michigan native who was transplanted to Germany, Steve Macdonald has been performing filk and folk since the early 80's. He found the filk community in 1992, was an early Interfilk Guest, and he has been honored to serve as a GoH at over 30 conventions over the following years.

He was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame in 2006.

In September 2006, he moved to Germany to marry fellow filker Katy Dröge (now Katy Dröge-Macdonald. And yes, it's just as cool as you think it is.)

Steve is a Fan of Many Projects. In January 2021 he finally released the WorlDream online for its 20th anniversary. In early 2003, he began the process of restructuring the Pegasus Awards, and continues to this day as a co-administrator together with Erica Neely and the rest of the Pegasus Committee. He also maintains the Pegasus Nominees and OVFF websites.

In 2004, he began recording his fourth album of all-original material; but little things like moving to Germany interrupted the process (among other things). He expects to be releasing this album, titled Wanderer, at OVFF in 2022. Yes, it has wandered a bit through time and several studios to get completed.

In addition to his solo efforts, Steve also performs together with Katy as the duo Twotonic. Their first album, Rowan & Storm was released at OVFF in 2014. Steve also sings together with Katy and friends Eva and Rafael Van Daele-Hunt in 'Barbership', the world's first filk barbershop quartet. And he occasionally performs in 'DKSM', a trio together with Katy and Marilisa Valtazanou.

On top of that, together with Sibylle Machat Steve co-founded DFDF (Das Frühlingsfest der Filksmusik) in 2009.

You can find more information on Steve (though, if you've read this, you pretty much know everything) at his irregularly updated website, His albums and songbooks are now available on Bandcamp.



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