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Roberta Rogow HoF



Pegasus Nominations

Year Category Song
2016 Best Classic Filk Song The Ship

Roberta Rogow was filking before she knew it was filk. she wrote parodies for high school and college productions as she grew up in Queens, NY. She found her niche in Star Trek Fandom in the 1970's; discovered "real" filk at the Boston worldCon in 1980, and hasn't stopped since! She's been recorded on eight audio-cassetes, and five compact discs. She's performed at science fiction conventions across the US and Canada. She was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame in 2013. Her lyrics are available in her fazine Rec-Room Rhymes.

When she's not writing Filk, she writes historical mysteries, often twisting the history into Alternate tracks. Her most recent book, "Menace in Manatas", continues the story of a mercenary-turned-bodyguard in a re-imagined Manhattan that was settled by Spanish Moors instead of Dutch traders (think Last of the Mohicans crossed with Arabian Nights, with a Spanish accent).

In her Mundane life, she was a Children's Librarian in various public libraries in New Jersey from 1971 to 2008. She retired to travel, write, and attend more SF and Mystery conventions.

Roberta can be heard at SF conventions in the NorthEast, especially Lunacon, BosKone, BaltiCon and PhilCon.

She is really chuffed to have achieved the pinnacle of Filkish Fame... a Pegausus Award nomination!



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