The Pegasus Awards

The Ship

Roberta Rogow

Pegasus Nominations

Year Category
2016 Best Classic Filk Song

The Ship

Lyrics Copyright ©by Roberta Rogow- All rights Reserved
Used by Permission

I was a frigate...
When wooden ships held iron men,
I sailed the oceans way back then.
I carried battle to the seas of the foe,
My sixteen-pounders leveled hulls and laid masts low.
And when the time came, I went out with the tide,
But I have never died... I have never died.

I was a carrier...
When sudden death rained from the skies,
I was the greatest of my size;
My planes were launched to fight a planet's greatest war,
And when the peace was won, I fought for that once more,
Then I was beached, and told to rest my guns again,
But I still remain... I will still remain.

I was a shuttle...
The very first of all my line,
All the acclaim and blame were mine.
Although I never flew a mission into space,
I was the prototype that put things into place,
The next step opened up the heavens to our will,
And I am living still... I am living still.

I was a starship...
Across the galaxy I flew,
With Captain Kirk and all the crew;
Finding a home upon some unknown alien shore,
Finding a place where none had ever gone before.
Then I was sacrificed, I took that final dive,
But I am still alive... I am still alive.

I am a vision...
A wooden ship... an iron frame,
A starship and a guiding flame.
I've lifted mankind from the confines of the land,
I've given hope and courage place to take their stand,
And when they talk about the faith that never dies...
They'll call it Enterprise... Call it Enterprise!




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